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Shaping the Future of HEALTH IT Contracting

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In the ever-evolving world of IT within the healthcare industry, IT leaders find themselves at a crossroads, pondering the changing landscape of their labor workforce. At Revuud, we engage in numerous conversations with IT leaders, not just about our platform and services, but about the broader Healthcare IT ecosystem. It's a landscape that's rapidly evolving, placing increasing demands and stress on IT teams. The perspectives of IT leaders on this transformative journey vary, and in this blog post, we'll explore two distinct cases to shed light on the diverse approaches within the industry.

So, where do you fall as an IT leader in this changing landscape? There's no definitive right or wrong answer, but there's no denying that the way people want to work is changing. With the prices of everyday goods soaring, skyrocketing college tuition, and rising interest rates, the labor market is grappling with how to keep up.

Case 1: VP of a National Large-Scale Healthcare Organization Utilizing Epic as Their Primary EMR

Revuud: Do you find the need to work with IT contractors for project or support work?

VP: Yes, we do. However, we've encountered some issues in the past. We contracted resources for 40 hours a week, only to discover that they were also engaged with other Epic clients during the same week. We can't accept this here. If we book someone for a full 40 hours, we expect their full dedication to our projects, with no involvement elsewhere. 

Revuud: We understand your concern. Would the situation change if the contractor was performing exceptionally well, delivering on all fronts, and meeting all your project requirements on time?

VP: While it certainly helps, our stance remains firm. If we're paying for 40 hours, we expect exclusive commitment during those hours, even if it extends beyond our usual business hours.

Case 2: Director of an Academic Medical Center

Revuud: Do you find the need to work with IT contractors for project or support work?

Director: Absolutely. In fact, we have a substantial project scheduled to kick off in early 2024, requiring additional expertise and support for our Willow system.

Revuud: (Sharing examples of Willow Pharmacists in Revuud).

Director: That's interesting because the individual you just mentioned is currently working with us.

Revuud: That's intriguing. We had reached out to him a while back, but he mentioned that he was quite occupied at the time and couldn't commit to additional hours.

Director: That's alright. He's been doing an exceptional job for our organization. If he can spare some extra hours, it's a win-win situation.

Where do you see yourself as an IT leader in the healthcare industry's ever-changing labor landscape? We invite you to share your thoughts with us. Let's start a conversation and explore the diverse paths and opportunities that lie ahead in this dynamic field. The future of healthcare IT is calling, and your perspective is a valuable part of the journey.