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Why Revuud

With Revuud, you have the control

A way where Healthcare Systems pay less and Talent makes more, and neither are tied to long-term contracts.

Intentionally connected

Revuud started with the thinking that there must be a better way for Healthcare Systems and Talent to find and work with one another.

Tech focused

We wanted to incorporate technology that doesn’t replace relationships and engagement, rather that augments the Healthcare System and Talent relationship by removing the 3rd party from the equation.


Our goal is to provide a trusted business model for Healthcare Systems and Talent that utilizes technology innovation to simplify the process of building an engaged and flexible workforce.

Eric Utzinger

Revuud co-founder, and healthcare IT Executive Eric Utzinger, has more than 18 years experience across the healthcare spectrum, including software, products, IT services and consulting for industry recognized healthcare companies. 

Over the last several years, Eric saw the opportunity to help people work more effectively both at the Healthcare System and Talent levels. Always looking for ways to enable flexible work and bring greater value; Eric recognized the valuable role technology could and should play to transform the way people secure and procure work.

Dan Schubert

Dan spent his first few years after college learning that he didn’t want to work for someone else his entire life. After three somewhat long but valuable years in the corporate world (at one of the largest banks in the US), Dan joined his brother to build a successful SaaS software business which they sold to private equity and then to a large competitor in 2021.

With more than 20 years managing all aspects of a software business, Dan wanted to begin his next journey working with others to help turn great ideas into successful startups.

What People are saying

Why the most innovative companies trust Revuud

“What I love about Revuud is they are always finding new ways to save you and your Healthcare Systems time and money at a better rate. Everyone wins at Revuud!”

“Revuud is a great platform and company with the software engineer at the fore-front. Great compensation. Quality employers to choose from. Enjoyable experience all around. Very glad I took their call when I did.”

“It’s easier to use than the consulting agencies. With Revuud, I have the control at my fingertips”

“Revuud has afforded me the comfort of working with companies of my choosing at a very enticing rate.”

“Revuud has given me the opportunity to acquire a higher than normal position while also securing future work by removing the recruiting agencies.”

The breakdown

Compare The Difference


Dedicated Account Management
Candidate submission, selection, interview scheduling, feedback
Insurance coverage 
Billing and time tracking
User friendly platform - putting your managers in control
VMS and ATS in one platform
Built in onboarding workflows
Workflows and audit trails
Time to fill in 1 week or less
Future of work enabled
Software enabled talent grouping and tracking
In platform messaging

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