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Frequently Asked Questions for Healthcare Systems

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Frequently Asked Questions for Healthcare Systems

General Questions

What is Revuud?

Revuud is an online marketplace technology platform that facilitates a better way to engage fractional, interim, project, and/or full time contract Talent. The goal is to save money for Health Systems, speed up the Talent onboarding process, and allow the Talent to take home more money.

How does it work?

Similarly to Uber or Care.com, Revuud brings you a proven, known and referred community of great Talent. You can search Talent based on skill sets and experience. You can then invite them to be a part of your Talent Groups, message them, meet them and ultimately engage them for short term or long term engagements.

Does it need to be full time contract?

No, with Revuud, you can contract with great Talent for smaller short term engagements, part time or full time.

Does it cost anything to hire someone from Revuud?

No, you are welcome to engage with the Revuud Talent community and hire direct if that is best for you and the Talent.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes, we work with you and we get software license agreements and other required contracts in place.

How does the Talent get paid?

Revuud pays the Talent and we invoice our Healthcare Systems 2x per month.

How is Talent vetted and reviewed? Does Revuud perform a background check?

Revuud has invited known talent to our platform and also accepts recommended talent from clients and already known talent in Revuud. Once an engagement is requested, Revuud performs background checks and drug screens per client specifications.

Can Revuud help me find Talent resources to join the platform?

If you don’t find what you are looking for on the Revuud platform, you can simply connect with us via the app, and we will utilize our network to bring you the proven Talent you are looking for.

Can I invite to Revuud Talent who I want to contract and engage with?

We encourage our Healthcare Systems to invite great Talent into the platform. Talent can be resources you worked with prior, or former employees or contractors you want to work with. We provide the technology platform with which to process the paperwork and we complete the invoicing.

Can we discuss and negotiate rate with the Talent?

Yes, these are negotiable.

Can I interview the Talent?

Yes! We encourage you to do so. Send Talent a message and schedule a time accordingly. It’s easy.

Can I message the Talent?

Yes, there is a messaging center where you can easily send a message directly to Talent from our platform.

What happens if the Talent does not work out for us?

Our community of experts aspire to always deliver great results. If for some reason the engagement isn’t working out, you can end the engagement and we can help you find the optimal replacement.