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Frequently Asked Questions for Talent

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Frequently Asked Questions for Talent

General Questions

What is Revuud?

Revuud is a better way to work! Revuud is an online marketplace, technology software platform meant to connect great Talent to Healthcare Systems who are hiring. You can set your rate of pay and availability to work. Our Healthcare Systems utilize Revuud to find, communicate and engage you within the platform.

There is a lot of information in the Profile, do I really have to complete everything?

Without a profile you can’t be found. It’s that simple. A complete and detailed profile significantly increases the likelihood you will stand out for hiring opportunities

I completed my profile but I don’t see the confirmation email

Please check your spam folder. If the email is not there, please contact us at info@revuud.com and we will contact you.

Why is it important to enter my skills and specializations?

This is how Healthcare Systems can find you on the platform. Without choosing a specialization you will not populate your profile in any search results by the Healthcare Systems. You can complete multiple specializations. It’s important to at least highlight the right specialization for how you want to work in Revuud.

Why do you need my availability?

Revuud Healthcare Systems are able to search Talent based on availability. It’s important for our Healthcare Systems to be able to see clearly if and when you are available.

Who decides my rate?

With Revuud, you set your rate and how often you work. You can set a standard rate and if you choose, negotiate that rate based on the Healthcare Systems, duration or type of work needed. Our goal is to provide a platform where our Talent earns more and our Healthcare Systems pay less! It’s important to set a rate, as this is how Healthcare Systems consider contacting you via the platform.

Why don’t I see open “Jobs” in the platform?

Revuud gives our Healthcare Systems the opportunity to proactively begin the process of building their Talent team. They don’t always have an immediate job but want to hit the ground running when they do. Being able to see your profile now, sets you up for future success.

Should I set up a profile if I’m currently working on another project?

Yes, you should! You can set your availability for a later date when your contract ends or you can be available for a few hours a week. Our Healthcare Systems could look to engage you months in advance or just see your profile and start actively placing you on their on-demand teams for future work.

What if I work full time or have a current contract?

That’s ok, you can still join Revuud and work part-time for Healthcare Systems looking for a few hours of work every so often.

Can everyone see my profile or are there options to only share with certain people/companies?

Only our early adopter Healthcare Systems see your profile in Revuud. We are not open to the public.

How do I get paid? How often?

Timesheets are required each week and completed in Revuud. Your first check is issued 30 days after the contract begins and then in subsequent two-week pay cycles. You will provide us with information on how you want to be paid, typically via ACH.

Do I need to sign a contract and send invoices to the Healthcare System?

No, we sign agreements with our Healthcare Systems and you agree to our Terms and Conditions. We invoice the Healthcare System and your timesheet provides an “invoice” automatically to Revuud.

Can I work with multiple companies through Revuud?

Yes, you can! Revuud’s platform is built to help you manage your business. You can work as much as you want. You can reach out via Revuud to organizations you have worked with in the past- let them know you are available to assist as needed and begin your journey to working the way you want to work and when.

Does Revuud offer health insurance?

Currently, we do not offer Health Insurance. We can provide links for healthcare options should you/your family require health insurance.

Do I need an LLC to get started?

No, you do not. Some prefer to have an LLC formed, which is easy to do by googling “forming an LLC in YOUR STATE”. We recommend you consult with your tax advisor.

How are taxes handled?

Revuud will issue a 1099 at year-end for all income earned. You will want to plan on holding out roughly 25% - 30% (we are not tax advisors) depending on your typical tax bracket for payments at year-end for state and federal taxes.

What about background checks and drug screens?

Many Healthcare Systems will require these checks and screens as part of onboarding. Revuud can order a background check and drug screen for you and you will get a message for next steps. Once completed, results can be uploaded into your profile or to the engagement request from the Healthcare System. You can also upload vaccination records like Flu Shots, MMR, etc which are sometimes required. If you have a background check or drug screen already completed, you can upload it accordingly.

What if I don’t see my skill set in your platform?

Please let us know! We are continually optimizing our platform and feedback is important. You can email information to info@revuud.com